The GRADCONTainer company was founded in 2014 with the aim to provide new ways of living and business. The very idea of converting a used shipping containers, into housing or business unit is already very long popular in the world.
At the very beginning of the project, we have faced a lot of negative reactions and mental barriers for this way of living and business, but after only a few details about the project, and several pictures of the shipping container architecture in the world, 90% of people change their mind to better.
The "Transforming of used shipping containers into residential or public-business unit" project was first presented at the 2014 Startup Wednesday at the premises of the Croatian CRANE (Croatian Business Angels Network), where we received very positive tips and ideas for the continuation and development of the project.
Our young team of experts, led by these tips and ideas as well as the reactions of the public, decided to provide a modern, unique, environmentally friendly and cost-effective product for all private and legal persons.
Each of our residential or business units is made according to customer's wishes and possibilities, and we want to always involve the customer in the project from the very beginning. Sometimes even an informal discussion we can find small details that in the end can be very important for the project
If we managed to interest you, please contact us, we are always available for informal conversation. And remember one thing, "Everything starts from an idea."